Which Is The Best And Cheapest Health Insurance In India?

Cheapest Health Insurance 2023: In today’s time, somewhere people do not pay attention to their health due to work. For this reason, many times he also receives calls from banks or different companies, but he does not get health insurance to secure his health. Even if we think about making health insurance ie health insurance, then somewhere the same question arises in the mind that which is the cheapest health insurance? You are also right to think like this, because when the work is done in less then why to waste more money.

If you also want to know about the cheapest health insurance, then you must read this article completely today. Which is the cheapest health insurance for you after reading this article today? How can you get the cheapest health insurance? Complete information will be available in this subject, so without delaying much, let’s start this article and know which is the cheapest health insurance?

Which Is The Best And Cheapest Health Insurance In India
Which Is The Best And Cheapest Health Insurance In India

Cheapest Health Insurance 2023 | Sabse Sasta Health Insurance 2023

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance. Which is done by the insured for financial assistance in their medical treatment.

Whichever health insurance plan the policyholder chooses, it provides financial assistance for surgical expenses, nursing care expenses, and critical illness expenses.

There are many types of health insurance. Which we use for different medical uses, which are as follows –

Mediclaim Insurance

Mediclaim insurance covers the expenses incurred during your hospitalization due to illness or hospitalization due to an accident.

personal coverage

Individual coverage provides insurance cover for only one person. Under this type of insurance, you get the full hospitalization expenses.

Family Floater Coverage

By taking this insurance, any person can cover this insurance for his entire family. Under the family floater plan, you can get health insurance for the entire family.

At the same time, its fixed amount is divided equally among the entire family.

Senior Citizen Coverage

Any person can take this health insurance for the elderly people of his family. Whose age is more than 60 years. Senior Citizen Health Insurance is taken for them.

Unit Linked Health Insurance Plans

Unit linked insurance plans, a type of health insurance, give you the benefits of protection and savings in a single plane.

The biggest feature of Unit Linked Insurance is that it gives the benefit of better life cover than traditional wealth creation tools.

Cheapest Health Insurance 2023  Sabse Sasta Health Insurance 2023
Cheapest Health Insurance 2023 Sabse Sasta Health Insurance 2023

Cheapest Health Insurance 2023

The cheapest health insurance is health insurance from public sector banks. It is generally believed that as the age of the policy holder increases, there is an increase in the risk of diseases or health.

That’s why the health insurance company makes the premium expensive according to age, but this does not happen in government banks.

Health insurance is given cheaply to people who grow with age in public sector banks, as they give policies keeping in mind the age of the policy clause in most cases.

The government bank which gives the cheapest health insurance in our country is as follows –

1.State Bank of India

2. Canara Bank

3. Punjab National Bank

4. Bank of India

5. Indian Bank

6. Bank of Baroda

7. Union Bank of India

8. Central Bank of India

9. UCO Bank

10. Indian Overseas Bank

11. Bank of Maharashtra

12. Punjab and Sind Bank

13. Allahabad Bank

14. Syndicate Bank

15.Andhra Bank

16. United Bank of India

17. City Union Bank

18. Corporation Bank

19. Karnataka Bank

20. Dena Bank

21. CSB Bank

22. Vijaya Bank

In today’s time, we get the facility of health insurance from both private and government banks, but the features of health insurance available in private and government banks are different, which are as follows-

• Only account holders can take advantage of health insurance in government banks, but even if you open a new account in private banks, you can take advantage of health insurance.

• The premium rate for public sector bank health insurance is lower as compared to individual health plans, but the same is higher for private banks.

• With increasing age in government banks, health insurance is available very cheap, but on the other hand, this rate keeps increasing in private banks.

Tips to choose the cheapest health insurance

Whenever we talk about choosing the cheapest health insurance, we get confused on what basis we should choose the cheapest health insurance.

There are many tips to choose the cheapest health insurance. For example, by following, you can choose a good and cheap health insurance, which is as follows –

• Choose budget friendly health insurance to hear the best and cheapest health insurance.

• If the health insurance company gives us the facility of something, then that health insurance can be very good and comfortable for us.

• Whenever you choose a health insurance, do check the offers of one or more companies, only then you will be able to choose a cheap health insurance.

Benefits of taking health insurance

There are many benefits of taking health insurance, out of which some of the major benefits are as follows-

• By taking health insurance, we get financial help for our family and ourselves, so that we do not have to worry about health.

• Generally, on taking health insurance, it covers all the expenses during pregnancy, so that we do not have to face any kind of problem.

• Whenever you get insurance from a health insurance company keeping in mind the whole company, it benefits not only you but your entire family.

• We get tax exemption on premium payment by taking health insurance.

• By taking insurance, we get help in all kinds of treatment and we can easily pay the money spent in the treatment as EMI.


In today’s article, we have come to know which is the cheapest health insurance? How do we choose the cheapest health insurance? What are the benefits of getting the cheapest health insurance?

I hope that by reading our article today, you must have got complete information about the cheapest health insurance.

If you liked our today’s article, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question in your mind, then you can feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment box.

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