Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023 (New)

Best Health Insurance 2023: In today’s run-of-the-mill world, we do not pay attention to our health. In such a situation, different types of companies keep telling us about health insurance. Even you must have thought about getting health insurance, but the question must have arisen in your mind that which is the best health insurance?

If you want information about which is the best health insurance? Which company would be the best to get health insurance? How to buy best health insurance plan? So do read this article of ours till the end. Which is the best health insurance for you after reading this article today? If you will get accurate information about this, then let’s start this article by talking for a long time and first of all know what is health insurance?

Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023 (New)
Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023 (New)

Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023

What is Health Insurance

Health insurance is a type of insurance that people get for themselves and their families.

On getting health insurance, the health insurance company takes some amount from that person every year and on top of that amount, that health insurance company provides you a security for your upcoming health related treatment.

It is impossible to say when an accident will happen to a person, so most of the insurance companies in our country provide health insurance policy along with their insurance.

It depends on the person whether he takes health insurance for himself or not.

Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023
Which Is The Best Health Insurance 2023

Which is the best health insurance 2023 (Sabse acha Health Insurance 2023)

Although there are many such insurance companies in our country, which provide us health insurance, but when it comes to health, we first focus on those things, which are best for us.

So let’s know which is the best health insurance?

Top 10 Health Insurance Policy List 2023

  • Star Health Insurance Policy
  • Care Health Insurance
  • Niva Bupa Health Insurance
  • HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
  • Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance
  • TATA AIG Health Insurance
  • Aditya Birla Health Insurance
  • SBI Health Insurance
  • Reliance Health Insurance
  • ICICI Lombard Health Insurance

Friends, people are using all these health policies the most in the present time, but it comes to the point that which is the best health policy, which is the best health policy in today’s time, then it is the Star Health Insurance Policy.

Do you want to know why people are loving Star Health Policy so much? So let’s know, why people are liking it the most for detailed information about Star Health Policy.

Star Health Insurance Policy

Whenever we or any people in our family are sick, we have to resort to the hospital somewhere. Sometimes such a situation comes that we have to bear big expenses and

In such a situation, whether we should take care of our family or arrange money, to avoid these situations, in today’s time, most of the people get the Star Health Insurance policy done.

Free hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses are covered up to 90 and 180 days respectively under the Star health insurance policy,

That is, if you hospitalize anyone in your family, then in such a situation, the insurance policy covers the bills from admitting to discharge through Star Health Insurance Policy.

Due to which you have to pay that spent money gradually as EMI after treatment.

Even if you have a medical need, you can also get emergency ambulance expenses covered under the Star Health policy.

Why choose Star Health Policy Plan

Friends, there are many reasons to choose Star Health Policy Plan, some of the main reasons are as follows-

The Star Health Policy takes care of all the hospitalization expenses at the time of your illness.

The Star Health policy covers all pre and post hospitalization expenses.

The Star Health policy also takes care of your emergency ambulance expenses.

Star health policy also offers you to cover the organ donor expenses.

You can also cover the cost of medicines like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic through Star Health Policy.

There must be a question somewhere in your mind that keeping in mind what things we choose a better health insurance, let us now know about them.

Things to consider for choosing the best health insurance

Whenever you want to choose a good health insurance, then often we should take care of these things. As-

  • Claim Settlement Ratio
  • Incurred Claim Ratio
  • Pre Hospitalization Expenses and Post Hospitalization Expenses
  • Floater Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance
  • Network Hospital
  • Cashless Treatment
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Pre existing disease
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Day Care Coverage

Now somewhere you must be thinking that what is it after all? Don’t worry, we will discuss these in detail as well.

Claim Settlement Ratio

Whichever company has the highest claim settlement ratio, that company is known to have the best health insurance.

Claim settlement ratio means the percentage of people the company approves claims, such as the company has 100 applications for claims, out of which how many applications the company is able to approve.

If the claim settlement of a company is more than 95% then it is considered a good health insurance company.

Incurred Claim Ratio

Included claim ratio is 75% or more of any company. Such a company is considered to be the best health insurance policy of the health insurance policy.

This means that what percentage of your claimed amount the company approves at the door of the health insurance company.

If you spend ₹ 20000 as a treatment, then it is possible that the company will approve a claim for 15000 for your treatment, which is called its included claim ratio.

Whichever company approves the conclusiony, that company’s policy is said to be better.

Pre Hospitalization Expenses and Post Hospitalization Expenses

Pre Hospitalization Expenses means that before getting admitted in the hospital, you are asked to get any kind of treatment or test done by the doctor.

The health insurance policy that covers those expenses is considered to be a better health insurance company.

Also, Post Hospitalization Expenses means that even after being discharged from the hospital, if there are any health-related expenses, then the health insurance policy covers that too.

Floater Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance

Floater Health Insurance means that many people are connected in the same health insurance policy, that is, providing health insurance facilities to all the members of your family along with you.

The same Individual Health Insurance means that taking a health insurance policy for a single person, it is generally taken for those people who already have a serious illness.

Whichever health insurance company provides these facilities is considered a better health insurance company.

Network Hospital

Any health policy is often selected only after looking at the network hospital. This means that the health policy taken by you is connected to how many hospitals in the country.

Whichever health insurance policy has more number of hospitals, it is considered a better health insurance company.

Cashless Treatment

Cashless treatment means that we can get treatment in network hospitals without any cash.

A card is provided to you by the health insurance company, with the help of which you can bear the health expenses of yourself or your family through that card only.

Pre existing disease

Pre existing disease means that if you or any member of your family already has any disease, then you should tell the company in advance for this.

Due to which the company fixes a time limit, only after which you can claim the health insurance company for the treatment of the disease.

No Claim Bonus

Whichever company has the highest No Claim Bonus, that company is known as the best health insurance company.

No Claim Bonus means that if you have not made any claim on the health insurance company in a year, then that bonus is called No Claim Bonus.

Generally, by looking at these things, you can choose a better health insurance policy for yourself.

Also, a good health insurance policy provides us with health insurance ranging from ₹ 10 lakh to ₹ 20 lakh, which you must check.


In today’s article, you came to know which is the best health insurance? I hope that by reading our today’s article, you must have got complete information about the best health insurance.

If you liked our today’s article, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question in your mind, then you can ask us your question by commenting in the comment box.

Thank you

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